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  • How do I find your office?
    The office is located off Rudy Lane near Brownsboro Road just past Panera Bread and Benjamine Moore. We are in the first building on the right and have a black outer door. Enter the building and the office is to your immediate left.
  • Is it handicapped accessible?
    Yes. It is on the first floor with wide hallways and a handicapped accessible bathroom.
  • What about privacy?
    We take privacy seriously and comply with HIPPA regulations. There is also a separate exit so that you do not have to leave through the waiting room.
  • The waiting room is closed off from the rest of the office. How do I check in?
    For privacy and safety, the waiting room is separated from the back office area. Patients of Dr.Chandler may simply ring a specified doorbell and the assistant will take care of you.
  • What is the best way to communicate outside of sessions?
    Call the office and leave a message and the assistant will either take care of the need or make sure Dr. Chandler recieves the message in a timely manner. For urgent matters outside of business hours, call the answering service at -------------and they will notify Dr. Chandler. Occasionally another psychiatrist will cover these calls.
  • What about Fridays?
    Non-urgent messages may be left on the answering machine for the next business day. Urgent calls will be handled through the answering service.
  • How can I get a medication refill?
    If you do not have a follow up appointment scheduled, call the office to schedule and then request a refill. If you do have an appointment on the schedule, call your pharmacy and they will contact the doctor as needed. If you need a change in the amount or have a special situation, call the office. Dr. Chandler does her best to respond within 24 hours, but please allow 2-3 days in case of unforseen obstacles (like prior authorizations needed from the insurance company or the pharmacy being out of stock).
  • Do you charge for phone calls with the doctor?
    It depends. If a call takes more than 10 minutes or the level of medical decision-making replaces a visit, there may be a pro-rated fee.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    No. Dealing with insurance companies would make overhead prohibitive and would limit the time spent in visits. However, check with your insurance company regarding "out of network benefits". You may be able to get a portion of the fees reimbursed to you. If so, we are happy to provide a superbill with the necessary codes and payment documentation.
  • What should I expect for my appointment?
    The initial evaluation will last about 90 minutes and consists of information gathering about your current issue as well as your past medical and mental health history, family history and social background. You will then receive information about the doctor's assessment of the the issue and education about potential personalized solutions which may include psychotherapy (referral to suit your peronality and needs), medication and possibly other resources. Follow-up visits are 25-30 minutes, providing time for assessment of progress and adjustment of the treatment options as appropriate. The first follow-up is usually 2-4 weeks after initial evaluation but become farther apart as things stabilize.
  • Does the doctor have hospital privileges?
    This is an outpatient practice. If you are unable to maintain your safety or if a higher level of care is needed, several hospitals in the area offer Intensive Outpatient and Inpatient services. Check with your insurance plan to find the hospitals covered. We usually recommend The Brook Hospital, Baptist Hospital East or Norton Hospital (downtown).
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